Duplicator - Bootloader version:

Setup Notice:

An error has occurred. In order to load the full installer please resolve the issue below.
Installer and archive mismatch detected. Ensure uncorrupted installer and matching archive are present.

Server Settings:

ZipArchive: Enabled
ShellExec Unzip: Enabled
Extraction Path: /home/sc1zrnd9602/addon/demenagement.tech
Installer Path: /home/sc1zrnd9602/addon/demenagement.tech/dup-installer
Archive Name: [HASH]_archive.zip or [HASH]_archive.daf
This is based on the format used to build the archive
Archive Size: Expected Size: 34.51MB   Actual Size: 35.54MB
Boot Log dup-installer-bootlog__[HASH].txt

Please Note: Either ZipArchive or Shell Exec will need to be enabled for the installer to run automatically otherwise a manual extraction will need to be performed. In order to run the installer manually follow the instructions to manually extract before running the installer.